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If you have been arrested and detained at a Police Station and have since been charged with an offence, you will be required to appear before a Magistrates' Court. In some cases you may have been summonsed to appear before a Magistrates' Court for a suspected offence.

In either case, it is of vital importance that you are represented so that your rights and interests are properly protected. You will need to know how strong the legal case is against you and whether or not you have a defence to the allegation. Your case may be one of those cases that will eventually be dealt with by the Crown Court and decisions made at the Magistrates' Court stage may have an impact in the Crown Court proceedings.

Our Magistrates' Court team is experienced in all proceedings before the Magistrates' and Youth Court. Our fully qualified lawyers will provide you or your relatives with expert advice and representation.

The rules regarding funding in the Magistrates' and Youth Courts have changed recently. For further information please refer to our Legal Aid Page or contact us on the telephone numbers provided below. 

If you or a relative needs advice and representation in Magistrates' Court Proceedings then please contact us on 02476 553181 during office hours. Out of office hours please contact:-

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16th December 2018

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