Commercial Litigation


Contracts are made every day in the business world.  Sometimes they involve reams of written documents with complicated clauses and exclusions and sometimes they are made through words alone.  Unfortunately, breaches of contracts occur regularly and the repercussions can cause substantial problems for businesses, whatever the size.

A whole range of disputes can arise from any commercial contract, although most will involve at some point the non-payment of money from one party to another.  This can have a crippling affect on a business’ cash flow and ability to operate properly and this is heightened by the time and energy that needs to be spent to deal with these disputes.  Our solicitors are able to give practical, commercial and workable solutions to businesses having regard to the strength and merits of any case. We aim to provide advice to enable clients to make an informed decision as to how far to proceed with litigation to resolve the dispute in hand.

Our solicitors have successfully advised in the following:-

  1. Breaches of contract
  2. Retention of title claims
  3. The formation of contracts and incorporation of terms within contracts
  4. Shareholder disputes.

With proper guidance commercial disputes can be managed both in time and in respect of costs to the business and we encourage you to contact us at an early stage in any dispute so that an agreed strategy can be developed

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23rd February 2019

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