Accidents on Building Sites


In many ways Building site accident claims are very much like other accidents at work.  Confusion sometimes arises however because not all of the people on the site would class themselves as an employee.


Employers owe a duty to employees to make sure that they are safe whilst at work. Given the possibility of accidents on a building site which may be full of hazards the duty is imposed quite strictly.


Private contractors or the self employed often believe that they are not able to claim compensation in the event of an accident. However if a company or an individual has control over your method of work or how you go about your work the duty is likely to be the same as it might owe to a direct employee. There are often tentative enquiries from subcontractors who genuinely believe they have no claim because the main site contractor is not their employer and indeed many see contracting or self employment as a means for main contractors to get out of their responsibility. It is not.


Likewise visitors to a building site will be owed duties to ensure their safety as indeed will certain trespassers.

23rd February 2019

Sarginsons Law