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Our qualified Law Society accredited solicitors are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  If you need our assistance please either telephone:

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Sarginsons Law have considerable expertise in the area of Criminal Law. We have the ability to assist clients in a wide ranging scope of offences from minor motoring matters  to murder.

Commonly the first point of contact we will have with our clients will be at the police station following their Arrest and Detention. If any charges are brought following arrest and detention at the police station they will be dealt with in the Magistrates Court and the more serious of those charges will be sent to the Crown Court.

We at Sarginsons Law have a contract with the Legal Services Commission under the Legal Aid Scheme to provide advice and representation in the police station, at the Magistrates' Court and in the Crown Court.

Under the contract that we have with the Legal Services Commission, SH&M are also able to offer clients' help, assistance and representation in Prison law. This applies mainly to disciplinary and parole board hearings.

The Legal Services Commission have recently undertaken an independent Peer Review Report to grade the quality of the legal advise and service supplied by us. 15 files where chosen by them at random.  The review assessed Sarginsons Hughes & Masser's quality of work at Competence Plus, the second highest level attainable under this review system.  Below is a summary of the findings of the Peer Reviewer on these 15 files:-

  1. "The Supplier (Sarginsons) is clearly trying to provide a cohesive, efficient service to clients from arrest at the police station through to the Magistrates' and the Crown Court.

  2. It is clear from the sheer volume of better than expected outcomes in the files reviewed that the Supplier places great importance in "going the extra mile" in each case.  The number of cases in which huge efforts are made to engage third parties in the process (be they offender agencies or experts) to help clients is impressive and the files reveal an energy and enthusiasm to obtain the best outcome for each client.

  3. There is evidence on nearly every file of the way in which each fee earner has used strong advocacy skills to obtain good outcomes for their clients.  There is clearly a 'team' at work on each file."

21st January 2019

Sarginsons Law