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Starting in business or looking to grow, what can Sarginsons do for you?

Whatever your position, our solicitors recognise that businesses will require guidance on various legal issues whether through an ongoing professional relationship or a one off consultation.  Our solicitors can provide a one stop service offering clear practical and commercial advice in the following areas.

1. Commercial Litigation

2. Commercial Property

3. Commercial Leases

4. Employment Law for businesses

5. Partnerships

Sarginsons Law LLP is also pleased to offer a “Business Health Check” to businesses for a fixed fee of  £500 plus VAT.  This health check will consider your businesses/contractual terms, employment contracts and policies, lease terms and provide you with feedback as to where there may be weaknesses or other steps that you should be taking to safeguard your business health.

for free initial advice, contact Katie Kearns on 024 7655 3181, to discuss your business needs and how best we can be of service to you.

21st January 2019

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