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Moving House - Residential Conveyancing

Property Title Fraud - by Gerard Davis

Floods - by Ian Cox

The Mortgage Maze - by Ian Cox

A Guide to House Viewing - by Ian Cox

Selling your home privately - 10 top tips - by Ian Cox

Renting your property - by Ian Cox

How to drive a hard bargain in a buyers market - by Ian Cox

Buying at auction - by Ian Cox

Capital Gains Tax (Property) - by Ian Cox


Landlord and Tenant

Landlords - Protections from non-payment of rent - by Katie Kearns

Maintenance charges on flats by Ian Cox

Non-domestic property - Rates exemptions - by Ian Cox


Wills Probate and Trusts

Disputing a Will on grounds of Mental Incapacity by Katie Kearns

What is a Bereavement Payment? by Linda Goodridge

How much does a "cheap" Will cost? Why use a Solicitor ? by Linda Goodgridge


Family and Divorce

Who owns what on divorce - by Linda Goodridge

Prenuptial Agreements by Ian Cox


Civil Law and Debt Recovery

Applications for Summary Judgement and applications to Strike Out a claim - by Gerard Davis

Holidays - by Katie Kearns

Disputing a Will on grounds of Mental Incapacity by Katie Kearns


Accident and Personal Injury

Holidays - by Katie Kearns

How to prove a workplace injury - by Richard Paremain

What is whiplash? - by Richard Paremain

Costs Revolution - by Richard Paremain

Legal Expenses Insurance - Necessary or Restriction on Freedom? - by Richard Paremain

Are You Being Watched? (Video Evidence) - by Richard Paremain

Do trespassers have rights? - by Richard Paremain

Restaurants, pubs and clubs - by Richard Paremain

Wearing a seatbelt by Richard Paremain

Now is the time to make your Personal Injury Claim by Richard Paremain



Discrimination - by Katie Kearns

Age discrimination - when is it lawful? - by Ian Cox

Disability discrimination - reasonable adjustments - by Ian Cox

Disciplinary procedure - by Ian Cox

Restrictive covenants in employment contracts - by Ian Cox


Crime and Motoring

Why it is important to have representation at the Police Station by Chris Bailey

How do I avoid a drink drive disqualification? by Chris Bailey

How Valuable is your Driving Licence? by Chris Bailey

Construction and Use Driving Offences - by Chris Bailey



Breaking down the barriers - TheLawForum - by Ian Cox


21st January 2019

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